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Our farm is always growing 

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A New Year & A New way to shop at the farm

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What does 2024 have in store?

Additional Seed house and Germination chamber, Greenhouse on the farm, 

Compost and Soil research, NRSC Conservation Plan, new CSA Plans for this year, 

SNAP member produce Rewards, Shiitake Mushroom on Logs


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22904 NE 58th St Vancouver From the farm cooler to you

 on our days at the market closest to you. Downtown Vancouver or East Vancouver

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our farm is a Produce rewards program vendor. 

Dilish farm, where good food grows

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🏔 Starting This year we will be opening our on site farm store 🏡

until then be sure to visit us at the market or order a veggie package for pickup at the farm


At Dilish Farm we see ourselves first and foremost as stewards of the soil.

Farmer Dillon is intentional about practicing farming methods that build up organic matter

and beneficial microbes that create a thriving soil bed.
We are in a Conservation Program with NRCS to protect the soil,

build native habitats, track rotational grazing, track our cover crop and amendments.

Maximizing the use of rotating the plants are grown to slow the spread of bad insects,

cover cropping with nutrient rich nitrogen fixing/ weed suppressing plants.
Grazing rotation of our Icelandic sheep helped to suppress orchard and pasture grasses.
Minimum tillage to keep an ecological environment undisturbed so the earth can thrive.
Building deep bedding and increasing our organic matter.

Adding Omri cert. mushroom compost from Ground Up Soil to amend our soil naturally.
Onsite composting and recycle resident’s leaf and wood mulch.
Raising chickens to help scratch down weeds

and naturally build our soil’s nitrogen levels and benefit from their eggs.
Intermix flowers and help a community member to increase the mason bee population,

promoting beneficial insects as alternative forms of pest control.
Keep natural tree lines and habitats for the wild birds and bats

who help pollinate and keep unwanted bugs at bay.


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