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What is our CSA veggie share all about   

A way to support a local farm and in return you get seasonal, fresh, produce every week

you can choose spring, fall or all season.

As a community member, you are investing our farmers future

by signing up for a season’s subscription worth of fresh produce.




 What are the share options and how to shop at the farm

you can choose spring, fall or all season.

Farm schedule and pickup locations.


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What is a CSA share?

Simply put a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
It is a way for a farm to pre-sell the crops of the season. the farm benefits from income to make the season less stressful.
The community members get to eat the freshest produce grown for you, Learn about seasonal eating.
Try things you wouldn't normally buy because your farmer recipes support your journey. 

What comes in the CSA Share?

you will receive 7-9 items per week.
 For example, a spring share might include: 1 chives, 1 broccoli greens, 1 bunch baby carrots, 1 bunch radishes, 1 bag salad greens, 
1 bunch collards, 1 head Tatsoi, 1 bag mustard greens
 For example, a Fall share might include: 3 lbs tomatoes, 1 bunch kale, 1 bunch heirloom beets, 1 bunch red orach(like spinach), 1 bag specialty greens, 
2 lbs onions, 1 head lettuce, 1 bag garlic, Beans dry or fresh
Our goal is a good mix of Staple veggies and exciting new varieties. Our weekly newsletter will come a few days before you pick up your share. We guide you through all the How to store , prep, cook with recipes and storage tips. We help make seasonal cooking easy.

Veggie Shares

Our CSA 2024 ~ Register

Spring, Fall or Full Season

Farm Pickups or Market Pickups ~ LEARN MORE

22904 NE 58th St Vancouver From the farm cooler to you

 on our days at the market closest to you. Downtown Vancouver or East Vancouver

Can you pay with SNAP (EBT) ~ Shop now pay at pickup

Our farm is a Produce rewards program vendor. 

Anyone who is using SNAP benefits to buy eligible fruits and vegetables
can get up to $50 per month put back onto their SNAP EBT card. 




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How to add extra items on to you share

You can add more of anything in the share with our weekly choice add-ons. on our product bundles page you can add more of your favorite items weekly and pick it up when you get your CSA share.

CSA extra options

By adding these to your season Share you will lock in the price and skip the grocery list.

By getting more out of your share you will save time and get quality local products


Get Sourdough Bread share ~ Add it on

Spring, Fall, or ALL Season Lock in your bread price

Get Heritage Eggs share ~ Add it on

Never run out again 

Get Farm flower share ~ Add it on

 keep fresh flowers in your house or share with a friend



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Can I substitute or change any of the items in my box?

We strongly encourage you to try new things, however if there is something that you dis like or have an allergy to we are always able to swap it out at your pickup simply let your farmer know and we are happy to help.

Can I cancel my share or get a refund?

Because we are planning for your share months in advance and rely on that income, cancellations and refunds are not available after payment has been completed. However, if you are unable to continue picking up your share you can Gift it to someone you know or we can donate it to a family in need. Please note we will do our best to accommodate if you simply don't like the veggies in the Farmers choice we can make adjustments.

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