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Happy Hens = Healthy Eggs

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What comes first ? The chicken or the egg

We have 100 Heritage Hens Pastured ducks, f The hens free range on 4 acres, they forage and get veggie scraps from the farm.    

They are only rarely supplemented with fermented sprouted Organic grain and peas.

 Our hens are never locked up; No cages, no crates, no de-beaking. Our Hens are never given corn or soy. 

Our hens welfare is the most important, we are hands on and inspect all the hens daily to ensure that our eggs are safe, nutrient dense, and delicious.

Our eggs are always from the hen house within days to you. Unwashed never refrigerated this gives the freshest egg with the most nutrient density.

Every egg is inspected for quality standards following Washington State Egg Laws. You'll have a mix of Medium, Large, and XL eggs in your dozen- a share of what is gathered that week.

Two Ways to get your eggs

CSA Shares or Market days


Spring Share Eggs: 9 weeks long every week that you pick up your share. $100.00

Fall Share Eggs: 12 weeks that you pick up your share. $132.00

Full Season including July and August total of 26 weeks $286.00

Emails will be sent out about the opportunity to purchase duck eggs weekly 

Egg Shares will only be available as an add on to our Veggie Shares

 Eggs will be a la carte - Order your eggs while you order your weekly a la carte veg  during the ordering windows, If we have eggs available after our Egg Share orders are filled, they will be available on our website weekly for order. If you are a Veggie Share Member, you'll get first pick eggs. The price will be as follows for any available eggs:

1 dozen Chicken eggs $11.50

  1 dozen Duck eggs $14.00 (Pekin)



rainbow for sale.jpg


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