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Our Farm has lots of extras. Herb wreaths 




Roots are Trees in an underground forest that we cherish.

I have always been fascinated by roots, Many roots are used through the world for food or medicine.  On our farm we work hard to use the whole plant and leave roots in the ground to break down and decay in the soil, When the spring comes and we rake the beds and compost for new plants. I carefully remove the roots from the soil clean & dry them.

These fantastical jars preserve these everlasting roots. Inspired by the way we treasure the everlasting beauty of the farm.

This little jar needs no care to keep it's everlasting beauty.

Every piece in this jar comes from Dilish farm, is harvested sustainably, and with care to preserve the natural beauty left behind.

I hope you enjoy this everlasting natural art.











Smoke Wands 


What most refer to as smudge sticks: A bundle of dried herbs that have been wrapped together to form a sort of wand. You then light the tip, blow out the flame, and allow the fragrant smoke to waft through a space.
We have decided to call these “smoke wands”.
Recognizing that the ritual I perform is not actually “smudging” since I am not attempting to replicate a specific Native American ritual.  
Our wands are made and harvested all by hand on our Farm in East Vancouver WA













Mullein Torch


 Known by:  Hags Taper, Witches Candle, JUPITER Rod, King’s Candle, Torches, Candlewick Plant
Energetically and spiritually, Mullein serves as a candle to guide us through darkness and shadows. Mullein also lights up our inner world to help us illuminate and process grief and sadness, emotions that are often held in the lungs.
Igniting a mullein torch dissipates negative energy and purifies the surrounding atmosphere.
Thins the veil that separates different dimensions, facilitating a heightened spiritual connection.
The wick is the plant stalk and the bees wax makes it a candle.
The Mullein torch will gracefully burn at an approximate rate of 15 minutes per inch, you may extinguish it safely by dipping it in water and subsequently cut the stalk for multiple uses. These torches emit minimal smoke, rendering them suitable for indoor use, although exercising caution is advisable.



hand made Wreaths.
I have been growing flowers, herbs and Garlic for years. I have dreamed of a perfect combination of food and beauty.
I am so happy to share this gift with you!
Each wreath is 100% from my farm grown by me and made by me. I hope it spices up the heart of your house and is an eye catching display.

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